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Pregnancy, Childbirth & Postpartum

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Great Support. Quality Guidance.

Your Birth Experience.

Our Services

We provide inclusive, compassionate, informative support for an

empowered birth & postpartum experience for ALL expectant families & birthing people.

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Welcoming a baby into the world should be one of the most joyous, miraculous moments of your life.

But you might be...

✓ intimidated by the labor process, have questions, and need answers/advice.

✓ feeling unequipped or experiencing low emotional capacity to make important decisions.

✓ feeling alone and unsure of what you need to get you through.

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We are on a mission to improve birthing experiences for all by deepening the positive connection between pregnancy and healthcare. We empower birthing people to have a choice, control, and a well-informed birthing experience. Our goal is to know your priorities, understand your fears and anticipate your needs and carry out your expectations and desires, from pregnancy to labor and birth, and continue through the postpartum stages.


Founder & CEO

Certified Birth Doula


Our CORE values


We empower our client’s independence by helping them to own their knowledge, choices, and values.

Making a Difference

We serve our communities by taking urgent action upon the landscape of maternal health and black maternal health.


We work for the birthing person, serving their personal health and well-being first and foremost.


We value staying on top of best practices, new information about the healthcare system, and evidence-based studies surrounding birth to help our clients make informed decisions about their health.

Everything you need for a great birth experience & transition into parenthood

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Non-medical, such as emotional, physical, and mental, support throughout your birth journey from a trained and certified professional.

Someone who is invested in your personal health and wellbeing, providing answers, resources, and advocacy throughout your birth journey.

An experience that is in alignment to your priorities, needs, and expectations granting you autonomy and emancipated decision making.

Optimal wellness and support

for a smoother childbirth, faster postpartum recovery, and stronger parent-baby bond.



You deserve to have an understanding of your choices, withstanding conflicting information and unnecessary medical intervention. We want to change the way people give birth for generations to come by advocating for inclusive care from a community that serves to educate, support, and empower through Doulaship, leading to easier pregnancies, smoother childbirth, and faster postpartum recovery. Grateful Origins is answering the call to action--compelling us all to challenge the status quo of healthcare surrounding birth by removing additional hurdles based on race, sexuality, economic status, and location.

Hi, I'm



I get it -- I've been exactly where you are & I'm here to tell you that

you don't have to go through this alone.

Before starting on my journey in becoming a Doula, my 13-year career as a Board-Certified Athletic Trainer equipped me with such an intimate understanding of the body, its functions, and it's amazing healing capabilities. My job was to help injured athletes return to play while educating them on their different intervention options and work with their bodies to enhance their recovery.

After the birth of my first child and our struggles with breastfeeding, I sought help through La Leche League and was able to overcome our obstacles. In 2014, I became a certified peer counselor through that organization, continuing the work of helping post-partum people wanting to breast/chest feed their babies.

Fast-forward to 2020, during a time of so much political and social turmoil I was able to reflect on my birth experiences, not only as a pregnant person but a black woman as well. I realized there was a great absence of patient education on interventions and procedures that my practitioners said I needed. There was also a lack of providers and birth support that looked like me. Also having a doula during the birth of my third child was such an incredible addition that benefited me (a seasoned birther) and husband greatly.

My experience gave me compassion and empathy for the issues facing all birthing people. My passion for birth advocacy, education, and authentic support led me to the perinatal work I do today.

Hiring a Doula

might be for you if...

✓ you are a new or expectant parent.

✓ you desire a hospital, birthing center, or at-home birth.

you plan to breast/chest and/or bottle feed.

✓ you would love to have someone help you navigate the many decisions and challenges during this vulnerable time.

you could benefit from help as your family transitions to a new chapter of family life.

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Sabrina supported my husband and me through the birth of our first child and helped us navigate the fear surrounding first-time birth and natural birth. We had such a desire to give birth at the birthing center in town, and were both met with some anxiety about what the process would be like, how my husband could support, and how to endure the pain. Sabrina was incredible at assisting us through every step of the process, from meetings before birth where we talked about different breathing techniques and labor positions, amazing labor support, and vital emotional and breastfeeding support postpartum. Sabrina came to our house during early labor and stayed with us until we went home with baby, over 12 hours later. She went above and beyond to relationally connect and provide what was most helpful for us in any given moment. My greatest piece of gratitude is how much confidence she gave my husband in his support role.

I would absolutely recommend Sabrina as a doula and feel beyond grateful for her being a part of our birthing experience!

Sabrina was hands down the best doula we could have asked for. Although we ended up with her as our doula in a very round about way, my husband and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

Sabrina was here for me for my first natural birth and provided all of the necessary information, tips, tricks and advice along the way. She kept us informed, worked out with me, took me on walks and even brought us little snacks. During my labor and delivery Sabrina was all hands on deck. She ensured my husband was equally engaged, and worked extremely well with the rest of my birthing team.

While in post partum recovery, Sabring continues to be ever present. She is more than just our doula, she is family and new honorary auntie to our little one.

Recommendations for Sabrina as your doula could not come high enough. She's the perfect fit and anyone would be blessed to have her on their side

Recommendations for Sabrina as your doula could not come high enough. She's the perfect fit and anyone would be blessed to have her on their side.

"And for so many…let’s note, Doulas are literally a lifeline."

Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States | Maternal Day of Action Summit, 2021





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